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The vast growth of internet has changed millions of people from ordinary to a great model and influencers. In the world of selfishness and taking advantage of being privileged, there are millions of people who believe to inspire the youth and want to make them believe in their talent and capabilities. We can come across several actor , actress , social media influencers, blogger , model who believed in their capabilities and interest . Like ,Aayushi Rajput , Mintu , Huna onao etc .There are numerous of people who worked hard and followed their dream and currently they are at good position at this time .

Today we will be going to cover on such personality and a Instagram influencers named Sandee Churme Jia Ying ~ The rising Instagram influencers. She is the godown of motivation and hard work . She is a great influencer on Instagram, makes video on stating about best time table for student, giving tips and tricks to study and many more . Through her videos she want to spread her concept about hard work among the peoples so that they could gain something new in life .

Since this is brief about Sandee Churme Jia Ying , Let’s know about her personal life .

Sandee Churme Jia Ying biography | Nuggets_ Studies bio

Sandee Churme Jia Ying is an Instagram influencer and a great video creator on Instagram . She is from Malaysia . Her relatives generally call her by her nickname called Sandee . She was born on 9th April 2004 in Malaysia . She is currently studying in class 11th grade from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Mahsuri , in Malaysia.

When one of the member of our team of funloby asked her about her hobbies then she replied that she loves reading books , playing sports , doing arts and making videos . She is really an ideal person for the youth of her country . In Straight A’s in PT3 ( Pentak Siran Tingkatan 3 ) she has qualified for state in female long distance running under 18 years and she got top 10 position .

Sandee Churmee short biodata

Name Sandee Churme Jia Ying
DOB 9th april 2004
Country Malaysia
Parents nameGlen Churme and Leong Tzouch
Hobbies reading books , arts , video creation , sports
Favourite actor and actressLeonardo Dicapriol / Elizabeth Olsen
Dream place to visit Italy
Ideal person Linh Troung
Favorite books Harry potter book series , To kill a mockingbird
Instagram I’d Follow here

Sandee future plan

She wants to become a businesswoman and a gynecologist in future . She wants to stand on her own legs . This thinking shows that how admirable , hardworking and motivated see is . She wants to keep everyone so much motivated . The main reason behind her being so motivated is just because she read different books . She mostly spend her time on reading books , playing sports , doing arts and crafts . These things keep her so much admirable .

She has an Instagram ID called Nuggets_ Studies . She generally makes Instagram real regarding giving the educational tips , motivation and the tricks to study to the needy students . Her videos are really so much cute and admirable . Every needy student praises her and respect her a lot . On Instagram , Sandee has 19.1k followers. And the growth rate of her Instagram followers is increasing day by day . This seems that people love her videos a lot .

Sandee Churmee Jia Ying favourite quotations

If you want what’s done, you will get what’s gotten

Your pain today is your strength tomorrow

What does Nuggets_Studies mean ?

She started Nuggets_Studies to share her notes to the needy students . But then it be expanded to a place where she shares her study tips and motivation to help the students in their .

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