Hey readers , this session is going to be so much interesting as today I am going to talk about full stack developer course its fees and duration of the course. Many of you have commented to write a blog over this topic , so understanding the importance of full stack development course in today’s market , I thought to write a blog on it . So let us understand what actually full stack development means ?

Full stack development refers to the designation of complete web application and websites. It develops both the back end ( called server side ) and back side (also called client side ) portion of the web application.

Full Stack Development

Skills and Knowledge required to become a full stack developer

The vast growing of internet has made the world full of Technology and creativity . People started learning new technological things. Full stack development is one of them. Few years ago , many of us were a unknown about full stack developer but now a days younger children knows it better . And this has happened just because of internet . Engineers & Developers are the one making all these things simple .

Today I will be talking about full stack development and Skills & Knowledge required for it. So the skills and Knowledge required are listed down :

  1. Semantic HTML : HTML stands for hypertext markup language . HTML is the basis for any type of coding . It is so called foundation of any building . In semantic HTML , you should have the knowledge about the uses of different tags . For example : <article > , <aside> < details > ..etc .
  2. CSS 3 , Preprocessors Responsive design : To become a full stack developer , you should have the knowledge about CSS 3, Preprocessors responsive design like : Sass , Less , Defining variables, Nesting , Mixins , Extends , Media Queries.
  3. Frameworks : You should have the knowledge about the Framework like ; bootstrap, Angular JS React JS, jQuery .
  4. Javascript : This is one of the most important Skill required to become a full stack developer. JavaScript is the soul of any web application. You should have the better knowledge about JavaScript , most importantly about ;
    • DOM ( Data Object Model )
    • Scripting
    • JSON
    • Asynchronous Programmings skills , which defines callbacks , promises mechanism .
  5. Understanding of database operations application logic , user authentication ..etc . For example: SQL , Node , PHP
  6. Use of relational database
  7. Http and rest API
  8. Knowledge about web application architecture
  9. Knowledge about algorithm analysis

Advantages of Full Stack development

  • Full stack development is a growing field .
  • knowledge of both front end and back end help you to get good job.
  • Demand of stack developer is increasing day by day.
  • A fresher gets minimum CTC of 5 lakh per annum in India .
  • However mid-level experienced full stack developer get CTC of 12 to 14 lakh per annum .
  • Outside India full stack developers salary varies from $ 46303 to $114183 .

Disadvantages of stack developer

  1. If you are a beginner developer then it could be difficult for you to find good companies who can pay you good amount . Most of the company hire experienced candidate. However earlier you can work at low income for few years then you can apply in a good companies to get handsome amount .
  2. You have to learn both the front end and back end to get jobs in good companies like Google Amazon ..etc .
  3. Learn front end first . Follow us


There are numerous online edu websites as wells as institutions which offer full stack development courses like Udemy , Udacity ,edx ,Coursera etc . You can choose one of the platforms to learn accordingly your choice. Some platforms offer courses for free but charge you for the certificate .However we have mentioned some of the courses from different platforms which according to their rating and reviews .

UdemyRs. 455Click here
CourseraRs. 3000Click here
EdxFreeClick here


1. Who is Full stack developer?

A Full stack developer is the one who design the complete web application and web sites .They develops both the back end and the front end of the web application .

2. What is the salary of full stack developer in India ?

A full stack developer get minimum CTC of 5 lakh per annum in India however the mid level experienced candidate get CTC of 12 to 14 lakh in India .

3. What are the technology required for Full stack developer?

Ans : HTML , CSS , Javascript, Frameworks, Python ..etc . However the list of technologies required are listed above.

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