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D Jackson biography

Some great person have said ~

We can not get success in a single day, But we can achieve it by working harder and harder day by day

Due to vast growth of internet, a lot of career options have discovered . Most of the career options have insecurity and uncomfortableness. Becoming an actor in Bollywood is one of them . However today’s youth are more fascinated about being a superstar and want to lead the youngster in a better way by their dedication and hard work .

Today through this article, I will be telling you all about a rising superstar on Instagram name D Jackson . He is the godown of self motivation and hard work . His story will inspire most of the youngster of the today’s generation .So kindly go through his biography carefully and try to learn something from him .

D Jackson biography, age , lifestyle, achievements

D Jackson was born on 8th October 1995 in Jahangirpuri , Delhi , India . He is a great Instagram influencer and a video creator . His relatives and loving colleagues call him by his nickname Jack . His father’s name is Jaiveer and his mother’s name is Nirmala devi .

D Jackson is the Godown of self motivation , passion hardworking and enthusiast. While giving us an interview he told us that he dropped in 11th standard from Government Boys Senior Secondary School and one more thing he added that till 11th standard he has changed four schools including Government and private .

On Instagram he makes video on love , breakup and broken . However when one of our team member has asked about the reason behind making such emotional videos he replied – These videos are truly based on the current relationship status . Every lover can get touched with this video because they might have crossed with such situation once in a life . However when we ask about his relationship status he just smiled .

When one of our team mates asked him about his achievements in life , then in reply – he just smiled and said that he has achieved the love from his audience. This is his biggest achievement in his life.

D Jackson future plan

D Jackson is passionate to become a superstar . He wants to make his career in the acting field . And the part of his success has started . He is working on several projects . But currently , he is working on a project name Chulbuli . Chulbuli is a kind of web series which is produced by Ricky Kakkar . Chulbuli is a RK Entertainment Presents which is directed by D Jackson and the DOP is Deepak Kaushik .

Jackson has not disclosed more information about his web series . However if he informs us more about it , we will provide you the requisite information about his ongoing project Chulbuli .

Important person in Jacky life

In everyone’s life , there is an important person who is always there to help you when you needed his or her help . However everyone is not so lucky to find such kind people in life as the today’s world is full of taking advantages of being privileged .

But D Jackson is privileged and so lucky to have a great person in his life , named Anurag Singh . He treat him as a Guru. At every moment of his life , his guru ( Anurag Singh ) was always there for him to help . He has a played an important role in his life .

D Jackson Wiki Bio

Name D Jackson
Nickname Jack
DOB8th October 1995
Place of birth Jahangirpuri, Delhi
Fathers nameJaiveer
Mother name Nirmala devi
Hobbies Playing guitar , dance and rap
Achievements Love from audience
Dream placeJaha Sukoon ho
Favorite actors Irfan Khan and Surya ( Tamil)
Future dream Actor
Instagram I’d follow here
D jackson biography

D Jackson’s lovable shayari

1. बिना छुए भी प्यार करना वो है मोहब्बत

जुदा रहकर भी साथ चलना वो है मोहब्बत

हर रोज उसी को चुनना वो है मोहब्बत

2. कभी अर्श पर कभी फर्श पर

कभी उनके दर कभी दर बदर

तु इधर उधर की ना बात कर

मैं कहा कहा से गुजर गया

ऐ गम आशिकी तेरा शुक्रिया

मोहब्बत का जहर तु पिला दिया।

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