Top 5 online games played in India | Know the best game to play in lockdown |

The market of gaming has really skyrocketed over the recent years. Especially, in India where there is a high population , have a great impact of gaming. People love to play games during their leisure period . Currently, there are more than 250 Gaming companies in India for all kind of platforms, PC , mobile etc .

Top 10 gaming companies in India

  1. Logic simplified
  2. Quytech
  3. NBT
  4. Buildbox developers
  5. Kmphitech
  6. Nimblechapps Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Orion Info Solution
  8. RV Technology Software Pvt . Ltd.
  9. Brillmindz Technologies
  10. Juego Studio Private limited

For the Gaming companies, India seems to have beneficial for them to expand their games here . So , some companies like acer are expanding their gaming market in India as they know the sheer potential of such large and vocal market.

Today we will talk about the most popular games that Indians play . India has diverse community of people so , it is obvious that they play diverse games . Following are the list of some of the top online games which people play in lockdown : Top 5 online games played in India

1. Player Unknown Battleground | Top 5 online games played

The craziness of playing online games have started from Player unknown Battleground ( also called pubg ). In player unknown Battleground , players are trust in a small digital world where they have to find weapons from one door to other . They kill their enemy for their survival . It’s very exciting games with good graphics and realistic view .

2. Call Of Duty : Mobile

Call of Duty : mobile is governed by activision publishing inc. It is one of the biggest gaming franchise . Recently they have developed into the online gaming world with the great mobile version of the game and today it is one of the biggest first shooter games in the world .

Version 1.0.22
Updated on 15 may 2021
Download size 2.69 gb
Offered byActivision Publishing Inc
Released on 30 September 2019

3. Ludo King

Ludo king is one of the best played online game . Ludo is board game played among friends , family and relatives . It is a cross platform multiplayer game that supports Android, iOS , desktop, Windows . One can play this game offline too. Top 5 online games played in India

Updated on19 may 2021
Download size500 M+
Offered byGametion Technologies Pvt ltd .
Released on17 dec 2016

4. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the games which every child has played in their childhood . Currently in Lockdown millions of people have downloaded this game .

Updated on 12 may 2021
Download size143 mb
Offered bySybo Games
Released on20 Sept 2012

5. Temple Run | Top 5 online games played

Every child has played this game and most of us might be playing this game right now too .

Updated on26 April 2021
Downloads500 M+
Download size46.06 mb
Offered byImangi studios
Release on26 march 2012
top 5 online games played

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