Top 10 most followed actresses / models on instagram . Instagram is one of the most famous social media with over 1 Billion+ monthly active users.Almost Every celebrity is on instagram and so is there Fans and followers.In this article i am going to show you the list of top 10 most followed actresses on instagram in world .

10. Khloé Kardashian (166M followers)

She is a model , instagrammer and Actress. Her beautiful looks makes everyone wow. She has 147m+ followers on her instagram .She is at no 10 in the list of most followed actress on instagram.

9.Nicki Minaj (147M followers)

Nick Minaj is a musician and actress. She shares photos of her tours and concerts. She has more than 137m+ followers on instagram.

8. Jennifer Lopez (166M followers)

Jennifer Lopez is next in the list ,she is also a musician and actress. She shares pictures of her tours and daily life routines etc. She also shares about her music videos.She hasmore than 155m+ followers on insta.

7.Taylor Swift (169M followers)

Next is Taylor Swift who is also most influential musician on Twitter. She shares her daily life selfies and stories .

6.Kendall Jenner (176M followers)

She is a model. She mostly shares promotion of her photoshoots and beauty cosmetics and photos of her daily life stuffs.

5.Beyoncé (194M followers)

Next in the list is Beyoncé ,she shares most of her professional work photos .

4. Kim Kardashian (237M followers)

Kim kardashian has 223m+ followers . She usually shares her promotion photos and modelling photoshoot.

3. Selena Gomez (246M followers)

2. Kylie Jenner (250m followers) ~ Top 10 most followed on Instagram

She is 2nd most followed model on instagram. Kylie is also youngest self made Billionaire.

1. Ariana Grande (253M followers) ~ Most followed female / Actress on Instagram

Ariana Grande -Butera is also a musician in the list.She shares photos of her performance and other stuffs. She belongs from America. She has won many international awards including 2 Grammy Awards and one Brit award. She is the most followed female model , Actress and Singer on the Instagram .

Who is the most followed female on Instagram ?

Ariana Grande with 253M followers on Instagram.

Who is the most followed singer on Instagram ?

Ariana Grande

Who is the most followed model on instagram ?

Kylie Jenner

Who is the most followed girl on instagram ?

Ariana Grande

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