Today we will be talking about the top 5 YouTube channel for IIT and Neet that provides free education to all the students . These are the channels which provides an efficient knowledge to the students for securing their exam and completing their graduation then settling their life .

Few years ago there were no YouTube channels which were providing efficient knowledge for preparation of IIT and NEET but there was a man who brought revolution on YouTube for providing free education to the students. And that man is Alakh Pandey .

Alakh Pandey popularly known as Physics wala is the only person who started giving free education to the needy people who can’t afford big amount for paying it to the institutions . Now a days there are several people who are providing free education to the needy student for the preparation of IIT and NEET.

Top 5 Youtube Channel for IIT and NEET

  1. Physics Wallah ~ Alakh Pandey : Subscriber : 4.97M
  2. Unacademy jee
  3. Unacademy Neet
  4. Super – jee
  5. Rankers – jee

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