Cloud of daggers 5e it is the part of the fantasy role playing game called Dungeons and Dragon .

Game name Dungeons and Dragon
Developed ByGary Gygax and Dave Arneson
First Published1997

Cloud of daggers 5e explained by a User on Reddit

The spell damage of Dagger Cloud seemsto be very good for its level, and it actually scales well. A creature takes 4d4 damage every time itenters the battlefield, and if it starts aball of daggers (20 damage points on average)without being saved, it will take another 4d4 damage. Whichbuildings can abuse it?Best character voice generator

I think a 3rd-level warlock can throw a ball of dagger, and then continue to try to hit the enemy with a supernatural explosion and cause a disgustingexplosion. This is most effective at level 5, when you can successfully hit 20 feet twice. Maybe it’s Warlock lvl 3 /Rogue2.It may be Tome Lock picking up a whip made of thorns, so you have the ability to lure enemies into the cloud of daggers) and Rogue2, so you can position yourself to push yourself. Ordrag theenemy into aball of daggers.

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